Overreach Hurts Women and Families

From bills that take away your right to contraception to “personhood” legislation that could make fertilization treatments illegal, Republicans are trying to turn Virginia into an anti-women, anti-family state.

Taking away your right to contraception. A prominent Republican has introduced legislation that will allow employers to offer health insurance plans that do not cover contraception. Overreaching, radical Republicans want to take away Virginia women’s right to start families when they chose to, and give it to employers and the state government. (HB 1315)

Restricting women’s right to chose. Virginia Republicans continue their relentless assault on women’s rights. In 2012, Virginia joined the most restrictive states in the nation with regard to women’s rights. Virginia women are now forced to undergo expensive and often unnecessary ultrasounds before abortions. Republicans even threatened to pass “personhood” legislation that could criminalize in-vitro fertilization treatments that many Virginia families depend on to start a family.

Shredding the social safety net. Republicans are undermining crucial services that help people in their day-to-day lives. They tried to change Medicaid, forcing low-income women to carry a fetus to term even if it had severe physical deformities and no chance of survival. They wanted to impose an unconstitutional, expensive, and insulting drug test on people who receive public assistance. Governor McDonnell even got rid of all the funding for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative.

In the face of national ridicule and outrage from citizens, Republicans just cannot let go of their divisive social agenda that is taking Virginia backwards.

Had enough? Don’t let 2013 be like 2012.

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